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Primary School Programme Class-I to Class-V

SSCA's primary school continues with the developmental goals of its Montessori programme in a strong academic setting. The primary school promotes the development of personal integrity and a lifelong love of learning through a rich and varied curriculum and a caring, experienced, and well-trained staff.

The language curriculum consists of reading. Writing, listening, and speaking. The literature based reading programme at SSCA is intended to develop a love of reading.

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  • Through an integrated approach which emphasizes on skill development while exposing children to a variety of categories. Teachers encourage children to raise issues, respond to questions, investigate, conclude, converse and write. Language art resources include topic-related books in science and social studies and the use of literature in the teaching of reading. In English we teach children to read fluently, accurately and with understanding. We develop their ability to communicate clearly and confidently when speaking and when writing. We develop their spelling and handwriting skills, and their use of grammar and punctuation. Students develop their own creative expressions through letters, stories, poem and plays.

    In mathematics, students work towards mastery of basic skills and the development of a strong conceptual foundation for mathematical reasoning and problem solving. In order to be successful, students need to determine and communicate their reasoning. Children are encouraged to apply mathematical principles to real life situations.

    In science, children work through a developmental series of interrelated topics. Students are provided with hands-on experiences to observe. Infer, and evaluate scientific processes. In the primary grades, science is integrated into the daily classroom curriculum. Other subjects are also taught on the same lines.