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Under the Guidance of a British
ECED/Montessori Expert


SSCA Montessori is a language and activity rich programme designed for children from ages 2½ - 5½ years in Jr. Montessori until advance Montessori. Our child-centered Programme focuses on the individual, recognizing that children learn to grow and develop at their own pace.

SSCA Young Readers Programme
SSCA Young Readers Programme has been a great help in developing reading skills at an early age. We have adopted the latest research in this regard. Our students can read small English and Urdu story books very easily and confidently. We also invite our parents often to come and see our young readers in action.

On many occasions, our young ones (3 - 5 years) have performed live and read various age appropriate English and Urdu story books independently.

Settling Your Child into Montessori Environment
We want every child to have a positive happy experience of school, and we have developed careful induction procedures to ensure a flying start for every new comer. We also know that as parents you want to feel comfortable and reassured leaving your children in our care. Please take your time to settle your child into pre-school. Some children settle almost immediately others take longer. We suggest you stay with your child on the first day and then leave him/her for a longer time each day until they are happy to stay for the whole session. New students of Jr. Mont and Montessori will stay in the class for one hour only, for the first week or so.
Talk to your child about the daily school routine to prepare him/her for the first day at school. Teach your child to speak and express his/her basic needs in clear language. Practice this in advance at home for a few days before your child begins the school.

Montessori Programme
SSCA Montessori is a language and activity rich programme designed for children from ages 3 years 5 years Jr. Mont till advance Montessori. Our child-centered programme focuses on the individual, recognizing at their own pace. The programme includes scientific and mathematical discovery, interactions with a variety of media and materials, as well as active play. Children are exposed to activities in Drama. Physical education, art, computer and library.

The Montessori Curriculum
Our Montessori curriculum comprises of 8 teaching units, each consisting of 22 working days. We choose specific themes for each one of these 8 units. During each unit emphasis is on the development of related concepts (knowledge), language and mathematical skills through various educational activities.

Themes are Attractive and Useful
Our curriculum is based on ‘Themes’. These themes are mentioned in the yearly calendar. The purpose of the ‘themes’ is to involve the children in healthy activities. Research has proved that they are useful in developing language and general knowledge through activities at an early age.

Activities Need Parental Involvement
We shall have activities relevant to the themes of the units. We would highly appreciate parents' cooperation and participation i.e. from time to time we will require parents to send materials for these activities. Parents should also discuss the same topics at home with their children.

Social Skills Development
Through wide range of practical life activities we help children to:
Learn about their own feelings and the feelings of others.
Show respect for the views, rights and property of other people.
Develop tolerance and understanding, celebrating differences.
Work well in a team, supporting and encouraging one another.
Develop a sense of fair play.
Understand consequences and develop responsibility for actions.
Develop good communication skills.
Learn how to manage difficult situations effectively.