Rules & Regulations

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Students are required to attend school regularly for a sound academic progress. The minimum attendance requirement is 80% failing which; the student may not be promoted to the next higher class. Please make sure your child does not miss the school unless it is inevitable.All attendance must be authorised therefore please inform the school if leave is required. A letter must also be given to student’s teacher informing of the absence.

Punctuality and Late Arrivals
Parents should ensure that their children arrive at school five minutes before registration STATE TIME as this gives them enough time to properly deposit their belongings in the classes before attending the morning assembly. Please note, the school timings may vary from one campus to another. The students should reach the school before school bell. Any student coming after the school bell will be sent back home.

Early Leaving
Parents are requested not to pick up their children before the specified time. This rule may only be waived in a serious circumstance which should be given in writing to be reviewed by the members of staff in charge.

Leave of Absence
Leave of absence from school shall be given for unavoidable reasons only. If a student is absent due to illness or any other reason, a letter from his/her parent or guardian testifying to the fact must be given along with a medical certificate. Any child suffering from contagious diseases will naturally not be permitted to attend the school even if they have an examination or test until they are declared well by a competent physician.

Late Departures
Please ensure that your child is picked up within half an hour after the school days is over STATE TIME, failing which he/she will be allowed to remain in the school but the school nor staff cannot hold any responsibility due to their own commitments of checking and cleaning of the school premises.

Visiting Hours
Parents interested in discussing any matter concerning their children should take prior appointment with the person concerned. Interview / meetings during working hours are not allowed at any campus. Parents, relatives or friends are not allowed to contact any student or to bring anything for them during school hours without obtaining prior permission from the B.Ms.

Care of Personal Belongings
The school does not take any responsibility for articles misplaced or lost by the students. Do emphasise to your child to take care of their personal belonging and only bring that which is important and relevant for their learning. Large amount of money, mobile phones, expensive wrist watches, pens, cameras, fancy hats, caps, wrist bands, head bands, items of jewellery etc. are not allowed and are at risk of confiscation.

In Case of Change in Your Address or Contact Numbers
You are requested to inform us immediately if there is any change in your residential address or phone numbers. It is extremely important to keep this record updated for official school correspondence and unforeseen emergencies.

Care of School Property
Any child found responsible for damaging or defacing school property, books or other equipment will be fined and the loss will have to be made by the concerned parents.

Safety Measures
Please pick and drop your child (specially in junior campus) from the school's gate. Please do not rush the school's gate keeper at the end of the day and allow him to perform his duties effectively. If a different individual has been elected or restricted from collecting your child, please immediately inform a member of staff.

All entries in the Transfer Certificate will be strictly in accordance with the records in the school's General Register. Any student absent from school for one calendar month without a note of excuse in case of illness or without leave of absence granted by the Principal on a previous written application will be struck off the roll.
The intended withdrawal of a student should be notified in writing by the parents/guardians at least one month before otherwise monthly fee will be charged in full for the next month before issuing a school leaving certificate.

School Uniform
Uniforms give students a sense of pride and belonging in their school. Students are expected to attend school in a neat, tidy and clean prescribed school uniform only. Summer uniform is to be worn from April to October. Winter uniform is to be worm from November to March. As parents you spend a lot of money in sending your child to school each day dressed smartly in their uniform. Sadly, every week we have a pile of lost property which we cannot always match to a child.
Putting your child's name on all items of clothing would help avoid such mishaps for your child.

Attire and Appearance
Girls are not allowed to attend school wearing makeup, nail polish, mehendi, kajal, expensive gold earrings or other jewellery. This is to ensure that all our students are presented equally. They may wear simple ear studs. School cannot take responsibility for any lost items of jewellery.
Black plains clips, hair hands or hair ribbons are allowed as hair accessories for girls. Plain brown belts without big buckles are allowed for boys.
Students are allowed to wear plain black wrist watches only and they are advises not to wear strong fragrance or perfumes. Hair should be kept clean and free from nits and lice. Students with lice infection will not be allowed to attend school unless their hair is clean. Nails should be cut regularly to keep them short and clean. Students should carry paper tissues or handkerchiefs in their pockets regularly.

School Discipline
It is our aim to teach our students to work in a friendly and cooperative environment with each other. Being courteous and considerate however starts from home and children should be encouraged of this also. This is also recognised and rewarded with 5 marks in every bi-monthly.
Mid and final examination for discipline and behavior. Students or their parents found accused of disobeying discipline, harassing or misbehaving with schools staff, other students or parents will no longer continue with this school. SSCA has a very strict and clear policy regarding safely of its property and people concerned. Any offender will be prosecuted in the court of law.

Complaints Procedure
At school we make many decisions every day. We try hard to do our best for all our pupils. We like to know when things are going well, but we also want parents to tell us about their worries, concerns or complaints as soon as possible.
Any concerns however, should be reported as soon as an indicent has occurred to ensure the matter can be dealt with. Telephonic complaints and long conversation will not be entertained by the principal, or teachers.
If you have a concern worry or complaint, please speak to your relevant campus head. In case, if you feel that your complaint has not been reviewed properly then you can also submit your complaints in written format through the complaint box available in every campus. The management will always try to resolve difficulties or complaints at the earliest possible stage through discussion with the relevant parties. For any such matter please seek an appointment.
In case of emergency, parents should never hesitate to come and see the principal.
Parents sitting at the Reception Office should not discuss their problems or complaints with other people.
Parents should avoid creating a chaos at the waiting area by complaining to others in a high pitched voice.
SMS complaint system has also been introduced for your convenience. You can also register your complaints and suggestions through this system.

Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment is not only discouraged in the school but should also be avoided at home.Our staff are trained to teaching behaviour through learning strategies and promoting equal opportunities.

Fee Structure
The details of the fee structures is available at reception or by contacting the school office. Please carefully read and understand our fee policy. All fees are subject to annual review and the fees structure may be revised as and when warranted inevitable as they partly depend on various calculably factors which go to make up the cost of livings.