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Admission Procedure
Application for admission should be made from mid January to the first week of April. Academic readiness is determined by previous school records and by the results of a school admission test. A personal interview with the child and the parent is necessary. Pupil seeking admission from another school will have to submit a leaving/transfer certificate.

Parents wishing to admit their child to SSCA-Sir Syed Children's Academy should first register their child at the school office by obtaining prescribed admission form. Once the admission form is complete, parents are asked to bring their child for an entrance test and interview, provided there are vacancies in the classes for which admission is desired Parents/guardians are informed within a week's time of the test, about the decision on admission whether accepted or not. Selected candidates will be informed and called into the school in order to complete admission procedures.

All entry tests commensurate with age groups (see inside title back)and the requisite academic standard of the admission class. We require some preliminary details in the application form to process your request for an admission at Sir Syed Children's Academy (Admission from is attach with the prospectus).

Admission Requirement
The following documents should be submitted at the time of registration to initiate the admission process.
1. Admission form filled in a complete manner (Incomplete Form are liable to rejection).
2. School leaving certificate (T.C) from previous school (Not required for admission in Reception and Montessori class only)
3. A copy of the child's birth certificate, issued by K.M.C. Cantonment Boards, or Union Council to be provided at the time of registration.
4. Three recent passport size photographs of the child.
5. Blood group of the child.

SSCA Fee Policy

Registration fee is charged at the time of registration and covers the operational expenditure during child's admission test and interview. It is not refundable and non transferable. Registration fee does not, in any way, confirm or guarantee admission.

This is a onetime payment which covers the child throughout his/her stay at the school and is non returnable.

The amount has to be paid on a yearly basis to cover expenses incurred on consumable material and also included payments related to extracurricular activities.

The tuition fee is required to be paid in advance not later than the 12th of payable month. Fees once paid are not refundable. No reduction in fee is made for any period of non-attendance. Students progress Reports/Result may be withheld if any dues are outstanding against them. Immediately contact office if fee voucher is not received. In case if fee voucher is lost or misplaced a duplicate voucher will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/- fee voucher.

Fees for the vacation period will be charged in advance along with the monthly dues.

All the books, copies and stationery of the Montessori section will be provided by the school only, on payment of prescribed stationery charges. School copies with SSCA emblem for primary and secondary sections will be available from the school book shop. Parents are required to make the necessary prescribed stationery purchases before the starting of session. Kindly ask the office for details of stationery charges especially in which your child is seeking his/her admission.

It is an optional payment. Only payable if you are willing to send your child to any field trip or outdoor activities planned by the school. The cost of transportation and entry charges are distributed equally among the students participating.

All fees are subject to annual review and the fees stricture may be revised as and when warranted inevitable as they partly depend on various calculably factors which to make up the cost of living. Please also read 'general rules covering the school fee policy.'